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The reason Excalibur Security Services has been so successful in the security industry is because of the special knowledge they bring to the table. After carefully analyzing your company’s demands, our experts will provide a service plan that strikes the optimal balance between quality and cost.

These days, safety measures are essential. Because of this, security services are responsible for a crucial mission. However, not all security agencies are equipped to deal with this task. Our Vancouver-based security company has taken over the reins, and we’ve staffed up with trained guards to keep you and your property safe.


Quality At Excalibur: Leading Security Company Vancouver

Excalibur Security Services Inc is not only a legitimate business in Vancouver but also renowned for its well-defined, well-documented processes when providing top security services in Vancouver. Through the Report Card, we further integrate a comprehensive quality assurance process that continually seeks feedback from our valued customers and members. Using the reviews and insights from our members and clients, we continuously refine and adapt our services, ensuring we remain a leading Security Company in Vancouver. When it’s about safeguarding people, assets, or maintaining top-notch security licenses and certifications, trust none other than Excalibur. Only a security firm meeting specific stringent criteria can be labeled as credible in Vancouver, BC, and we pride ourselves in being at the forefront.


Testimonials For Excalibur Security Company Vancouver

I had Shervin and his guys install 7 cameras throughout our warehouse and parking lots and they were great to deal with. They were able to do the install over a whole day on the weekend and got it up and running that day. They were able to show me before hand what the system looked like at their shop and got the job done quick. They even came out to set up the app on our phones and show us how to use the system with the monitor they had set up for us and show us how to log in from any computer to view the cameras outside of work. Overall it was an easy and great experience. I would recommend using Excalibur Security for all your security needs!

Jesion Roy

I hired Excalibur Security for multiple business location’s . I found working with Excalibur very professional for staff. Shervin was very accommodating, great communication, he assisted me with information that I had not been aware of. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to any time of security needs. Shervin was very accommodating when it to last night changes! I highly recommend Excalibur Security!

Matthew Asfar

We have used Excalibur Security at 2 locations for commercial properties. Shervin and his staff are perfect gentlemens. Our systems were delivered and installed with no issues. Shervin builds no hidden costs into the system. What is quoted is what you will get. We are very happy with our current systems and plan to install more security systems at other locations. Our systems have already saved us money and has added a sense of security for our tenants! I highly recommend Excalibur for your security needs in Vancouver area.

John Fillims


Premier Security Services Company

Recognized as a pioneering training organization within the security industry in Vancouver, Excalibur Security Services Inc. stands out.

When it comes to delivering top-notch security services in Vancouver, our company boasts a myriad of “firsts”. Our encompassing training portfolio includes programs for new hires, current employees, managers, in-service staff, and even our clients. Before joining the ranks of our esteemed Security Company Vancouver, prospective security professionals must undergo and successfully complete our industry-standard basic security training. This curriculum is meticulously crafted to ensure that Excalibur Security Services Inc. officers are thoroughly equipped with the knowledge and skills essential for exemplary duty performance.


Security Careers

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Support Structure at Security Company

When seeking exemplary on-site security services Vancouver, look no further than Excalibur Security Services Inc. By choosing us, you’re not just hiring a security guard; you’re enlisting a cohesive team of security professionals from a top-tier Security Company Vancouver trusts. We commit to delivering the highest caliber of security by rigorously supervising and backing our experts, ensuring unparalleled support for both our specialists and their clients.

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Security Services in Vancouver: Excalibur's Ultimate Protection

Choosing the right security company is not just about protection; it’s about forming a partnership built on trust. Excalibur has established itself as a trusted partner for many in Vancouver.

The Growing Need for Security in Urban Areas

Vancouver’s Unique Security Challenges

As a major Canadian hub, Vancouver faces challenges like increasing urban density, diverse populations, and a mix of commercial and residential spaces. These factors create a complex security landscape that requires a nuanced approach.

Benefits of Localized Security Solutions

At Excalibur’s Security Service, we offer solutions tailored to specific neighborhoods, businesses, and communities. This localized approach ensures more effective and efficient security measures.

Distinguishing Features of Excalibur Security Services Vancouver

Comprehensive Training Programs

Excalibur believes in the continuous growth of its security personnel. Their training programs cover a range of topics, from basic security protocols to advanced threat detection techniques.

Advanced Security Technologies

Embracing the latest in security technology, Excalibur employs state-of-the-art surveillance systems and real-time monitoring solutions.

In the diverse landscape of Vancouver’s industries, the need for top-tier security is paramount. Excalibur’s reputation as a leading Security Services provider in Vancouver ensures that businesses across various sectors can operate with peace of mind.

Campus Security Services in Vancouver

Educational institutions are hubs of knowledge, innovation, and future leaders. Ensuring their safety is not just a responsibility but a commitment. Excalibur’s Campus Security Services are tailored to address the unique challenges faced by educational institutions in Vancouver.

Safeguarding Vancouver’s Educational Hubs

From bustling university campuses to serene school grounds, our security solutions are designed to offer maximum protection without disrupting the academic atmosphere. Our guards, trained specifically for campus security, blend seamlessly into the educational environment, ensuring safety without intimidation.

Office & Commercial Security Services Vancouver

The corporate world of Vancouver is both dynamic and competitive. Protecting business assets, data, and personnel is crucial. Excalibur’s Office & Commercial Security Services offer comprehensive solutions that businesses can rely on.

Security Companies in Vancouver: Protecting Business Assets

In the realm of business, security is not just about physical safety but also about safeguarding intellectual property, data, and reputation. Excalibur stands out among security companies in Vancouver by offering holistic security solutions that cater to all these facets.

Retail Security Services in Vancouver’s Shopping Malls

Retail spaces are bustling with activity, making them vulnerable to various security threats. Excalibur’s retail Security Services in Vancouver ensure that both shoppers and retailers can go about their business without any concerns.

Ensuring Safe Shopping Experiences in Vancouver

Shopping should be a pleasurable experience, free from worries. Our security solutions for retail spaces are designed to deter potential threats while ensuring that the shopping experience remains unhindered.

High-Rise Security Services in Vancouver’s Hotels & Residences

The towering high-rises of Vancouver, be it luxurious hotels or residential complexes, require specialized security solutions. Excalibur’s expertise in high-rise security ensures that residents and guests can enjoy their stay without concerns.

Guest and Resident Safety: Our Priority

For hotels, guest safety directly impacts their reputation. For residences, it’s about creating a community where everyone feels safe. Excalibur’s Security Services in Vancouver are tailored to meet these specific needs, making us the preferred choice for high-rise security.

In the realm of security, knowledge is power. At Excalibur, we believe that continuous training and professional development are the cornerstones of effective security. Our commitment to this ethos has set us apart from other security companies in Vancouver.

Leading Security Training in Vancouver

Excalibur’s training programs are recognized as some of the best in the industry. We ensure that every security professional under our banner is equipped with the latest knowledge, techniques, and skills to handle any security challenge that Vancouver might present.

Comprehensive Programs for All Security Personnel

From basic training for new recruits to advanced modules for seasoned professionals, our training curriculum covers a broad spectrum. This ensures that our team is always ready, whether it’s a routine security check or an unforeseen emergency.

Continuous Skill Enhancement for Vancouver’s Security Challenges

Vancouver is a dynamic city with evolving security needs. We ensure our team is always a step ahead by providing them with regular updates, workshops, and seminars on the latest security trends and threats.

At Excalibur, we understand that security is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each client, each location, and each scenario might require a different approach. This understanding, combined with our commitment to excellence, ensures that our support structure is unparalleled in the Vancouver security landscape.

The Excalibur Difference in On-Site Security Services in Vancouver

Choosing Excalibur means you’re not just hiring a security guard; you’re partnering with a team of security professionals dedicated to your safety. Our on-site security services are backed by a robust support structure, ensuring that our clients always have the best resources at their disposal.

Rigorous Supervision for Optimal Security in Vancouver

Every Excalibur security personnel, whether on-site or remote, is under the continuous supervision of experienced managers. This ensures that our services are always up to the mark, and any potential issues are addressed proactively.

Client-Centric Support: A Staple of Our Security Company in Vancouver

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond just providing security services. We believe in building relationships, understanding our clients’ unique needs, and offering solutions that are tailored to those needs. This client-centric approach has cemented our reputation as the go-to security company in Vancouver.