Undercover Operations

Undercover Operations

Proven track record in accomplished undercover ops

Professionals with diverse skill-sets and backgrounds have the capability to permeate a broad spectrum of organizations. Our undercover professionals fit within several scenarios and operate discreetly to uncover knowledge within environments such as political groups, workplaces, and event settings.

Corporate undercover investigations are one of the most powerful procedures of inspection. In essence, it is nothing more than the unauthorized placement of a properly skilled and trained professional, posing as an employee, into an unwary workforce for the purpose of gathering knowledge. Undercover professionals are unique in their capability to brew into a range of distinct circumstances, and we only hire Human Asset managers who are exceptionally experienced in source handling.

Undercover Operations

From internal professionals to corporate intelligence, Excalibur Security Services Inc has you covered. Contact our professionals -- we can assist.

  • Surveillance
  • OpenSource Analysis
  • Interviewing / Interrogation
  • Litigation Support
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property
  • Injury / Long-term Disability
  • HR Pre-screening

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