Security Installation & Service

Security Installation & Service

Our professionals service and install all of our equipment. That complies greater simplicity, better service, and quicker response for you.

Excalibur Security Services Inc exclusively specializes in the delivery of wide range security services to large, highly public spaces where superior security knowledge and interpersonal skills of the challenges combined with extensive facilities are important.

Security System Consultation and Design

In order to craft the most efficient security system, we first acknowledge your needs and goals. Then we present a tailored set of choices, costs and specific scenarios for a well maintained, supported system. And after sign-off, we do comprehensive training and testing.

At Excalibur Security Services Inc, we are thorough in each and everything that we execute. We offer turnkey solutions, utilizing a comprehensive approach and we operate in partnership with you throughout the procedure. We even train your professional to make certain every part of the security systems strategy is perfectly implemented.

Security Installation & Service

Training and Installation

Excalibur Security Services Inc's qualified professionals will incorporate our security system elements into your business premise meticulously and according to your stipulation. But that is only part of our installation process. We will also spend as much time as required to assure that your unit thoroughly acknowledges your security system and that they can work it with ease. Excalibur Security Services provides you added confidence by excelling all licensing, insurance and technical ethics.

Troubleshooting & Service

With Excalibur Security Services Inc, you also have the complete satisfaction in knowing that our 24-hour center's customer service professionals can offer telephone support should your system develop an issue. If telephone support is not appropriate, we can also set up a service call. With Excalibur Security Services, assistance is only a phone call away.

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Excalibur Security Services to protect your property as one of the reputable security alarm companies- our devotion to quality....

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Trained to our standards, which often exceed industry minimums. Our staff is licensed, trained and certified to the provincial requirements, supported by further internal training.

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