Remote Video Monitoring & Verification

Remote Video Monitoring & Verification

Accurate video authentication

We offer accurate video authentication to your alarms and confiding on your installation, our professionals can also view pre-alarm video details so that we can eventually see a video of the alarm event happening in the Monitoring Station.

Our Video solution utilizes video analytics to discriminate amid human activity and other "noise motion" in the space of view. When a vehicle or person is acknowledged, Video sends a video clip of the activity to our centers, where our client service representatives assess the alarm and take the relevant action.

Remote Video Monitoring & Verification

Video alarms can be set active on a schedule, or set to generate alarms only while your alarm system is exclusively armed. We can also pass these video clips to our Security professionals at your place, or to your mobile phone.

  • Lower false alarms with the utilization of video analytics
  • Get immediate alerts to mobile phones with email video clips
  • Assist prohibit crimes in advance with real-time alerts sent to our security responders and station
  • No computers or software required on user site!

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