Personal Security Tips

Personal Security Tips

Excalibur Security Services Inc's tips for personal safety

With crime percentage moving upwards, personal security must be acknowledged. Especially where staff parking spaces are far away from the doorway, care should be taken to park private cars under or close to well lit regions. If possible, when walking to cars at night after dark, it is ideal to travel in groups so that the group entity affords protection to all within.

Personal Security Tips

It is also prudent to exclusively have your keys in your hand as you approach your car. Stumbling for keys with your head down makes a very susceptible target for the probable attacker. Walk nimbly and with a purpose - precisely from A to B. These are crucial points. The form of a criminal who preys on women in parking lots gravitates to seek for easy targets. People who are burdened down with packages. People who look complicated or uncertain of their direction. Exhibit an air of purpose and confidence when you walk. Always keep one hand unencumbered and free.


Personal Safety and Security Tips

Fire Safety Tips

Did you recognize over 40% of accidental fire victims are asleep or inactive at the moment of the fire, 85% of fire casualty occur in residential fires and in a full two-fifths of these fires, smoke alarms are eventually missing or not operating.

The ICE Cell Phone Program

Emergency officials are beginning a campaign to motivate people to store emergency contact phone numbers in their cell phones to assist emergency personnel pinpoint disaster or accident victims.

Identity Theft Safety and Tips

Identity theft is the unapproved collection and utilizes of your private information, generally for criminal purposes. It is also the brisk growing crime in the surrounding areas.

Auto Theft Tips

Each and every year, automobile theft costs close to $1 billion, involving $550 million for insurers to repair or restore stolen vehicles, $300 million in health care, police, and court system costs and millions more for correctional services. The contingency to steal can be managed through a proper security scheme.

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