Our Stringent Selection Process

Our Stringent Selection Process

Quality Starts with Our People

Excalibur Security Services Inc has one of the most stringent selection procedures in the security industry. Our professionals believe that this consequence in a higher calibre individual and therefore a relevant service, right from the initial stage. At Excalibur Security Services Inc, we follow a process that involves, among other elements, reference checks, psychological profiling, thorough multiple interviews, criminal background checks and licensing through the numerous provincial registrars.

Rather than utilizing the traditional security industry model that involves employing “guards” and then setting them at the next accessible site, at Excalibur Security Services Inc, we utilize a model that assures the people we employ have the right set of abilities and skills for the particular role that they are being employed for. Fundamentally, this enables us to develop a better ‘marriage’ amid our Security professionals and the sites that we authorize them to -- meaning that our customers experience greater success and we understand lower staff turnover. The certainty is, the more stable the personnel, the fewer the security problemsissues and the better the service.

Our Stringent Selection Process

At Excalibur Security Services Inc, our selection procedure is crafted to screen for only the most promising individuals and to make them feel confronted to become part of our unit. Our successful and proven procedure has been established through our years of practice and assures that we appeal and hire only the best.

Human Resources Approach

Excalibur Security Services Inc has become the highly acclaimed company within the industry because of the way we treat everyone. We reward, motivate, retain and incent our people in the following ways:

  • Our Workforce benefit program is without peer in the industry.
  • We provide various bonuses at each center on a monthly basis for performance associated service.
  • We issue rewards on a weekly and daily basis to individuals who go beyond and above in the space of client service.
  • We compensate for all security training, which in several cases can compute up to thousands of bucks per employee.
  • We diligently and faithfully practice endorsement from within, so that our people acknowledge career growth.

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Trained to our standards, which often exceed industry minimums. Our staff is licensed, trained and certified to the provincial requirements, supported by further internal training.

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