Office & Commercial High-Rise

Office & Commercial High-Rise

Efficient customer service focused security solutions for your office atmosphere

Excalibur Security Services Inc offers unmatched security to companies in every atmosphere. By assimilating highly trained, client service focused Security professionals with state-of-the-art CCTV and alarm technologies, access control, our security schemes enhance tenant security and safety while trimming overall values.

Office & Commercial High-Rise

We acknowledge the requirements of the diversified stakeholders in the commercial and office atmosphere. Tenants require a friendly Security Officer who merge exceptional social skills with superior security experience and knowledge to offer a secure and safe atmosphere for their employees, while also extruding a positive picture for their firm. Property managers require a progressive security scheme that is exclusively based on best practices while hiring responsive and approachable client service.

Asset managers and building owners need to recognize that their assets are secured, their risk exposure is restricted and their building's value is enhanced through the utilization of a highly professional service provider.

Services Provided

Services Provided to the Office Market:

Office trained Security professionals with a focus on client service

Ingenious technological solutions that exclusively make sense in a commercial office atmosphere

24/7 Centers offering support to our staff and clients

Additional security assets on demand for special occasions, construction assignments, emergencies or fire watch

Response functions and Mobile Patrol to provide timely solutions in the site

Risk Assessment and Security Consulting customized to the commercial office atmosphere

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