Injury / Long-term Disability

Injury / Long-term Disability

Most of the injury claims have an element of misinformation or fraud

The value of insurance fraud eventually exceeds $500 million every year and it is calculated that approximately 25% of injury claims have a component of misinformation or fraud.

Injury / Long-term Disability

Excalibur Security Services Inc investigators have exclusively conducted a number of hours of surveillance relevant to personal long-term disability, injury, and staff compensation claims. We exclusively specialize in acquiring covert video documentation in an attempt to present a “day in the life” of an applicant and provide our customers with thorough reporting of our recommendations.

We comply to all legal actions in order to assure that our evidence is court prepared. All of our inspections also include open source analysis in an attempt to acquire any knowledge which can better explicitly our surveillance for a more economical result.

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