Developing the safest atmosphere for patients, visitors. and staff

Vehicle Warranty has been offering security services in the exacting healthcare atmosphere for years. As a prominent provider of healthcare security services, we are serving more number of healthcare facilities from place to place, our customers rely on us to secure their patients, assets, caregivers and visitors, and we take the complete responsibility seriously.


Our knowledge and experience in this area exclusively allow us to differentiate between not only the non-healthcare and healthcare atmosphere but amid smaller rural community hospitals, large urban acute care hospitals, community health facilities in clinics and even society workers delivering care, generally in healthcare client residences. Our recruitment, training, and hiring programs address this differentiation to assure the “right fit” of Security professional, and integrated security solution for a specific setting or to match a particular client's needs.

While other firms struggle to know the differences between healthcare protection and other security lines, we have developed our organization around this area and can focus on matching the particular needs of our clients within each unique health system, hospital, or province.

Services offered:

Healthcare trained Security personals with a focus on client service

Inventive technological solutions that make sense in a healthcare atmosphere

24/7 Centers offering complete support

More security resources on-demand for Fire Watch, Patient Watch or emergencies

Risk Assessment and Security Consulting customized to healthcare

Enhancement of Site Security Plans to outpace Accreditation Standards

Fire Safety services involving training, fire plans, exercises and drills

Business Continuity and Emergency Management support

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