Government Security

Government Security

Securing government facilities and major infrastructure across the country

Excalibur Security Services Inc provides superior security for provincial, municipal and federal government buildings. From ministry offices to high-security courthouses, and from city halls to police stations, we offer a combination of professional security professionals services, alarm systems, CCTV systems, access control systems, monitoring services and alarm response to assure the effective and efficient provision of security.

Government Security

At Excalibur Security Services, we clearly acknowledge the unique security hassles facing governments. We help our customers in developing security and safety programs for their critical footing, as well as their everyday locations of work.

Since the effective delivery of service is important to the government segment, Excalibur Security Services utilizes benchmarking from similar firms along with crucial performance indicators to assure a streamlined but secure approach to our customer' security requirements.

Services offered to the Government Sector:

Inventive technological solutions that exclusively make sense in a government atmosphere

Highly trained professionals with the capabilities to accomplish

24/7 Centers offering support to our clients and staff

Alarm Response and Mobile Patrol to provide efficient and timely solutions

Risk Assessment customized to government environments

Fire security services involving training, fire plans, exercises and drills

Business Continuity and Emergency Management support

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