Occupational Health & Safety Consulting

Occupational Health & Safety Consulting

Secure employees are more productive employees

The probability of violence in the office is an adverse reality. Today's violence in the office and Working Alone rules require all employers to have entrenched policies, programs and procedures in place to secure their employees from harm. Failure to execute so can result in compelling fines and costly remedial action.

Occupational Health & Safety Consulting

Excalibur Security Services Inc's security experts can perform a risk assessment for your firm and then guide you through the procedure of creating the systems that will assist to keep your employees secure and your company in consent with your provincial Office Security Rules.

Excalibur Security Services Inc’s team has accomplished certification. We have asisted several of our customers accompolish a secure workplace, and we can assist you too.

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Excalibur Security Services to protect your property as one of the reputable security alarm companies- our devotion to quality....

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Trained to our standards, which often exceed industry minimums. Our staff is licensed, trained and certified to the provincial requirements, supported by further internal training.

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