Emergency Response

Emergency Response

With Excalibur Security Services Inc, help is only minutes away

Most police forces now exclusively require an emergency contact to visit at all alarm hustles. Without this settled attendance, the police will just not respond to the alarm buzz.

Emergency Response

If you are cautious that investigating alarms at your office or residence may jeopardize your security, or your friends or family, then Excalibur Security Services Inc's emergency alarm response scheme is the ideal solution to ease your stress.

Correspondingly, if you have been owed with false alarm dispatch fines by your regional police department, then our Emergency Response scheme is the ideal solution for your pocketbook.

We provide

Our Mobile Security professionals will exclusively respond to your alarms - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Excalibur Security Services Inc has one of the biggest private emergency response fleets, so we are always able to acknowledge swiftly to your security and safety needs.

Once on site, Excalibur Security Services Inc’s unit will make an entire sweep of the business or residence. Our highly skilled Mobile Security professionals will take further action banking on the nature of the alarm, what they get and your prior guidance.

After the emergency circumstance is resolved, you will receive a complete Incident Details detailing our attempts and the consequence of our on-site investigation.

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