CCTV & Remote Video Access

CCTV & Remote Video Access

Excalibur Security Services Inc supply and install CCTV systems for cost-effective, efficient surveillance of your premises to acknowledge crime, look after the property and secure people.

Take benefit of our advanced product knowledge to get the most out of the upgraded technology. The right spacing is important so utilize our installation knowledge and experience to get the best probable coverage.

CCTV & Remote Video Access

We will assist you acknowledge the best system for your requirements from an extensive spectrum of options. This could involve fully functional cameras or fixed cameras which can zoom, tilt, and pan. In addition, we can fit and supply the latest high-speed dome models with visual zoom lenses and low-light facilities.

Cameras can also involve security lighting and be utilized for verification for signals from your intruder and fire systems so the monitoring and communication centre and you can offer confirmation of the episodes as they occur. This information can then be exclusively passed to the emergency services.

We provide

We provide a wide spectrum of recording and viewing features including:

recording and monitoring

Constant recording and monitoring of multiple images

Date and time generation

Date and time generation for legal and investigation proceedings

Instant printing

Instant printing from screen images


Remote observation

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