Campus Security

Campus Security

One of the finest security provider to post-secondary institutions

From populous urban universities to small satellite campuses and from specialty universities to trade schools, we acknowledge the exclusive security challenges that prevail within each unique adroitness. Our selection pocedure are customized to each post-secondary institution’s special features and culture so that we have professional security personals with the appropriate fit for your management.

Campus Security

We acknowledge that the risk aspects differ greatly depending on the type and location of campus, the student body makeup and its layout, among other aspects, so we concentrate in particular on open-structured architectures, vehicle threats, parking lots, drink and food establishments, student misconduct, property theft risks, university property and trespasser threats in order to preserve everyone secure.

Over a number of students exclusively depends on Excalibur Security Services Inc for a secure and safe learning environment, and our professionals take that responsibility very seriously.


Services Acknowledged to the Campus Sector:


Advanced technological solutions that exclusively make sense in a campus atmosphere


Campus trained professional security personals with a focus on client service


24/7 working centers offering support to our professionals and customers


Added security resources on-demand for fire watch, student events, or emergencies


Enhancement of Site Security Plans


Fire safety services involving fire plans, drills, training, and exercises


Emergency management & support

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