Alarm System Manuals

Alarm System Manuals

Our maintenance and service

Our maintenance and service unit provides a professional maintenance service for your security system, wherever you are. Unlike several companies, at Excalibur Security Services Inc we realize that client service should not have to end after installation of security systems and that is why we provide post install maintenance services.

Alarm System Manuals

Below are the instruction manuals for the most basic alarm panels. If you have a issue with your alarm system, and would exclusively like to try to regulate and troubleshoot it yourself, just acknowledge which alarm panel you have, then download its operational instruction manual from this page.


Classic Maxsys Power Series
PC 1500 / PC 1550 PC 4020 v3.0 PC1555 / PC 1555MX
PC 2525 PC 4020 v2.0 PC 5010 Power 832
PC 2500 PC 4020 v3.5 PC 5020 Power 864
PC 3000   PC 1616 / PC 1832 / PC 1864
    PC 9155 Alexor
    SCW 9045 / 9047
    SCW 9055 / 9057 Impassa


NX Simon Other
GE NX4 GE Simon GE Concord
GE NX6 GE Simon 2 GE Concord Ultra
GE NX8 GE Simon 3 GE Allegro
GE NX8E GE Simon XT  


Visonic Power Max
Visionic Power Max Plus


Vista 10SE Vista-50 Lynx
Vista 20SE Vista-40 4140XMPT
Vista-128 Vista-20P 4110XM


Having problem figuring out the panel type and manufacturer's name? They are basically listed on the control panel itself. Your keypad also has the manufacturer's information. We are always accessible to assist our customers. Just contact us!

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